What to Expect

What better way to learn more about Panther life than making a visit to Georgia State! Make the most of your campus experience by following these helpful tips:

Before Your Visit

  1. Choose your campus visit date and register in advance. To sign up for an information session led by an Admissions Counselor and a Welcome Center Campus Atlanta tour led by a student Tour Guide, click here. You will receive complimentary parking for registering in advance online.
  2. Do some advance “homework.” Visit the Georgia State website at www.gsu.edu and investigate any interesting majors, academic departments, and student involvement opportunities. Want to know who will be leading your tours? Meet our talented Tour Guide staff. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter!
  3. Virtually explore Georgia State before arriving to campus. You can take our Virtual Tour or download a printable campus map.
  4. Schedule your visit when classes are in session. This will give you a sense of campus in full swing and what it will be like when you’re a student. You can also check out Georgia State’s Event Highlights for any campus events being held during your visit.
  5. Prepare a list of questions to ask. Campus visits are incredible opportunities to speak with Admissions Counselors, current students, faculty and staff… all in one day! If you’re interested in meeting with a representative, call the specific office and ask about appointments. Meet Your Admissions Counselor depending on your county or student type here.
  6. Plan on making it a family event! Choosing a university is an important milestone and should be shared with loved ones and friends. However, keep an open mind and think about what’s academically important to you, the student!
  7. Create your final itinerary. If you have other appointments on campus, please arrange them before or after your allotted information session and Campus Atlanta tour times. Try not to rush from one thing to the next. Make it a point to visit one university or college a day to absorb and comprehend the experience.

On the Day of Your Visit

  1. Don’t forget to check your e-mail and print your confirmation for directions to campus and parking! Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.
  2. Check the local weather. Tours are rain or shine. Bring an umbrella if needed.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes! Your visit will include a 90-minute tour walking tour of campus.
  4. Upon checking in, each student will receive a packet of information. However, bring a pen and take notes. You may need to jot down a name or phone number, or list your initial impressions to remember after your visit. Don’t rely on your parents or friends; take personal initiative.
  5. Take advantage of being on campus and ask questions.
  6. Visit our dining facilities and enjoy a meal at GSU. Also take some time to visit the Bookstore for some fun GSU items!
  7. Dive into Campus Atlanta! Georgia State’s urban location in the heart of downtown Atlanta presents many opportunities to explore local surroundings. Click here for 50 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta!
  8. Need a student excuse for your school? Ask your tour guide!
  9. Before you leave campus, rub Pounce’s nose for good luck! He’s located in Unity Plaza in front of the Student Center.

Keep us in mind after your visit. Always remember that Admissions information is accessible at admissions.gsu.edu and we’re here to help! Call us at 404-413-2500 or e-mail us at [email protected]. We wish you a Pantherific visit experience at GSU!